Stop the Hate: Youth Sing Out

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in partnership with the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Roots of American Music presents Stop the Hate: Youth Sing Out. This program teaches the skills of songwriting to 6-12th grade students across Northeast Ohio. Through their songs students often call out social and racial injustices while offering ideas for attaining peace and harmony in our world.

In this collection, learn more about how rock musicians have tried to Stop the Hate from its beginnings to today. The “Music and Social Justice” presentation is a great place to start. Playlists from “Civil Rights Movement” and “Protesting the Vietnam War” to “Music & Motivation, 2000-2020” and “Music and Activism in the 21st Century” can serve as your soundtrack. Learn how musicians can use an instrument to make a statement with the “Pete Seeger Banjo” activity. Watch Joan Baez perform a song about immigration with the “Joan Baez Sings 'Deportee'” video. Use presentations to introduce students to artists like Mahalia Jackson, Bob Dylan, and Public Enemy who have long tried to stop the hate.

Be sure to explore the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage's Stop the Hate Virtual Tour and learn more on the impact of hate, intolerance, and oppression on humanity throughout history.