Super Bowl Halftime Show Collection

The NFL's Super Bowl Halftime Show has been one of the most watched televised events of every year for decades. Months of planning with countless staff, crew, and musical acts make this 15-minute star-studded extravaganza possible. The shows often have specific themes that convey messages while also celebrating an artist or band's career.

Use this collection to score points with your students as they create, design, and organize a Super Bowl Halftime Show of their own. The Highlights Playlist provides an overview of the songs played by the variety of acts over the years. The Design Your Own Super Bowl Halftime Show activity is a project-based and STEAM-friendly learning module designed to guide students through their own stage design. The Halftime Show Artist Spotlights provide a brief history of some of the greatest artists or bands to grace the Super Bowl stage. These also feature some of the standout moments from their memorable performances. Quotes from the artists or journalists give insights into the experience of playing in or watching the show. Discussion prompts then guide students in reflecting on these iconic shows.

Being a unique medium, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is an opportunity for highlighting your students’ ingenuity and creativity in a memorable way!