Pride Collection

The LGBTQIA+ Community has long been a part of the rock and roll story. Whether out or not, their perspectives and experiences have helped shape rock and roll. In more recent decades, artists have used their music as a vehicle to support the community and champion rights.

Use this collection to examine some of the LGBTQIA+ contributions to music. The "Coming Out" playlist shows the range of musical styles used to express the feelings and experiences associated with coming out of the closet. The different musical styles show that members of this community come from all backgrounds. The Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out" activity explores the perspectives of that song in the 1970s from the point of view of the community and Diana Ross, and how that song pushed forward acceptance, internally and externally, for LGBTQIA+ individuals. The Laura Jane Grace Artifact Analysis compares her "Gender Is Over Slogan" to John Lennon's "War Is Over" slogan and encourages learners to think about what they want to be over... if they want it. This collection can help learners of any orientation or identity reflect on their own experiences and the experiences of someone different from them.