Hispanic Heritage Month Collection

Latin music significantly influenced the sounds of Motown, jazz, and rock and roll. American bass guitarist Carol Kaye calls jazz “one third Latin,” and points out that many jazz bass lines are related to the samba, an Afro-Brazilian style of dance and music. Funk music also shows Latin influences, especially through the sounds of drums known as timbales. Even the Bo Diddley beat, one of rock’s most iconic rhythmic patterns, employs the clave rhythm of Afro-Cuban music. Though rock and roll is rooted in many musical genres from within the United States, it also includes many diverse influences from all over Central and South America. 

Use this collection to increase and develop awareness regarding Hispanic Heritage Month. Listen to the playlist to identify Latin music's influence on rock. The Joan Baez analysis of "Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)" demonstrates someone of Hispanic Heritage expressing their view and empathy when a plane carrying mostly Hispanic immigrants crashed and all the media could talk about was the white flight crew. The JLO and Shakira activity pack is a way to explore a more modern take on Latin heritage and dance at the Super Bowl.