Dolly Parton Collection

From her humble beginnings in a one-room cabin in Tennessee to her status as an internationally-acclaimed star and household name, Dolly Parton has inspired generations of artists with her life and music. Spanning six decades, her career has included more than 50 studio albums, countless songwriting credits, acting and producing roles, and philanthropic initiatives. Never sacrificing her femininity or her country roots, Parton took an active role in shaping her career and found success even when the odds were stacked against her as a woman in business. Through music that has topped both the country and pop charts over the years, Parton has used her distinctive airy, yet gritty voice, honest lyrics, and catchy melodies to reach women around the world and give voice to their experiences. Dolly Parton leads by example, and her music is a testament to the empowerment she has championed in her daily life since the start of her career over 60 years ago.

Use this collection to introduce students to Dolly Parton and her music. Listen to the playlist to hear how Dolly Parton combines charm, wit, and raw sincerity to tell stories about being a country woman in a city man’s world. Examine the photos for examples of excellent photography.