African American Music Industry Entrepreneurship Collection

Entrepreneurs take ideas and put them into action. These ideas usually manifest as a business that develops opportunities for the entrepreneur and those they hire. To be successful, business owners, especially new business owners, need to have a clear vision and must be able to wear many hats and have excellent people skills. In the Black community, enterprising individuals hold extra layers of meaning because they forge their own paths in industries that may historically exclude them. Black businesses can help solve community problems not addressed through other means. In the music industry, Black entrepreneurs have often ensured that Black art and culture are created and celebrated.

Use this collection to showcase Black entrepreneurs that embody Black excellence. The SAR Records Essay, Stax Records Essay, and the Philadelphia Soul Essay all discuss different Black-owned labels, their histories, their challenges, and successes. The idea of challenge and success are key to any aspiring entrepreneur and learners can reflect on commonalities between very different businesses. The FAME Studios Invoice introduces finances to students and what the CEO might have to think about.