The Materials We Offer Are:

1Interdisciplinary and Adaptable

You'll find lesson plans, activities, and supplemental materials that will work in many subject areas, whether you teach music, social studies, English Language Arts, or are looking to turn STEM into STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math).

2Rich in Multimedia and Primary Source Materials

Our teaching philosophy at the Rock Hall emphasizes stimulating critical thinking through the intersection of context, sound, and meaning. We help you to reach students of all learning styles with supplemental materials in a variety of formats, including images, videos, texts, and hands-on activities.

3Professionally Developed and Aligned to Standards

Our lesson plans, activities, and other tools are developed by professional educators and are designed to meet national and state learning standards. Our team includes historians with PhDs, experienced teachers from multiple subject areas, and talented musicians.

Our primary sources are selected and prepared by our librarians, archivists, and museum curators. Unlike what you might find with a basic search engine, everything included in Rock Hall EDU is an authentic resource with reliable background information.

4Always Free!

We believe that an education enhanced by music should be available to all students.

How to Use Rock Hall EDU

1Go to and Sign Up for an Account

Knowing who our users are helps us keep materials free and limit the availability of copyrighted content for educational use only.

2Browse or Search Materials

From the homepage, browse through the Rock Hall's highlighted picks or all of our materials (which are organized showing the newest first). You can search by keyword and/or filter by subject, grade level, media type, or time period to get to exactly what you need in seconds.

3Save Your Favorites and Create Collections

Save your favorite items for easy access by clicking the “favorite” button, and create collections of items by clicking “add to collection.” Find everything later by clicking the “favorites” icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. (Make sure you are logged into your account first!) The “download” button will let you save your own copies of files.
Note: some materials are not downloadable due to copyright restrictions and/or artifact agreements.

4Check Out Our Rock Hall Collections

The Rock Hall team has curated a variety of topic-based collections: find everything you need for a lesson plan, unit, or project-based learning assignment all in one place!

5Share With Your Students

Share your favorites, your collections, and all other materials on the site with your students! Click the “share” icon to generate a temporary authorization link that you can send to your students so they can use our resources independently, at school or at home.

Stay in Touch

Rock Hall EDU is new and growing, and we’d love to hear what you think! We also welcome student groups at the Rock Hall and at our Library & Archives for onsite learning experiences.